In charge of the C.P. Luis Norberto Rangel Gutiérrez.


The interpretation of tax provisions requires an objective judgment based on experience, which allows them to be properly applied so as not to incur omissions or excesses in the fulfillment of the respective obligations.

That is why the firm is dedicated in this area, to the following aspects:


  • The analysis of the situation of our clients to legally adjust the fiscal effects of their operation, including the evaluation of specific projects and contracts that require their particular analysis.

  • The periodic advice to clarify the doubts that arise from the analysis of the relative ordinances and their application in the operations of our clients, including the participation in meetings that are required for these effects and, in its case, the confirmation in writing of the opinions that be provided.

  • The completion of procedures before the tax authorities, such as requests for tax refunds, among others, and in cases of disputes with the tax authorities, the provision of necessary legal support.


In fiscal matters that require additional analysis from the legal point of view, we have the support of Mr. Felipe Delfin Farias, partner of the law firm Delfin Farias y Asociados, S.C. with domicile in Guadalajara, Jalisco, who has provided his services for several years to our clients and Mr. Gerardo Farah.

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